Portable Boot Dryers

DryGuy Portable Boot Dryers make it easy for you to dry your shoes and boots when you’re on-the-go. From fly-fishing in the summer to skiing down the slopes during winter months, the lightweight and compact dryers fit into backpacks and carry-on bags, so you can keep your gear dry, no matter where adventure calls. 

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    With DryGuy Portable Boot Dryers, you never have to worry about wet and damp boots and shoes keeping you from your adventures. Our collection uses either forced air or convection drying methods and dries articles in less than 6 hours. Simply slip the device into your boots or shoes, sit back, and get back out there the next day. Our portable dryers are suitable for a variety of boots and shoes including larger items like ski and snowboarding boots. Experience a true-dry feel with DryGuy.