Boot Dryers

Built for everyone, DryGuy Boot Dryers keep your shoes, boots, and gear dry all year long. For the fly-fishing men and women, to the avid skier, and everyone in between, we know there’s nothing keeping you from getting outdoors and doing what you love.

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    All Season Boot Dryers

    Explore our collection of gear, boot, and shoe dryers, perfect for the everyday to your wildest adventures. Whether you need to dry damp bags and shoes from a tough soccer practice, or you’ve spent a day out on the slopes, DryGuy works quickly to remove moisture and help prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. Completely safe to use, DryGuy boot, shoe, and gear dryers will not shrink, warp, or otherwise harm delicate garments and custom fit liners. So, for every activity, every season, there’s DryGuy.