Warm N'Charge

Price: $39.99
SKU: 02141
The Warm N’ Charge is the perfect solution to cold hands. The eco-friendly, rechargeable device comes complete with convenient temperature selection and has the ability to charge your cell phone or other portable digital devices, making it a handy multiuse tool. Ideal for any outdoor event or activity in cold weather, the Warm Charge keeps hands warm for hours. After use, simply plug it into an outlet and recharge it for next time.
  • Includes micro USB cable for android and tablets, also compatible with iPhone/iPad chargers
  • Features two temperature settings: 110 °F (low) and 120 °F (high)
  • High capacity battery holds a charge for 4-5 hours of use
  • Can be recharged more than 500 times
  • Provides approximately 2 full charges to most smart phones